Social-Emotional Learning: A curriculum that strives to teach students how to recognize, understand, and manage their emotions. This curriculum is also focused on fostering strong interpersonal relationships between students with students and students with teachers. This curriculum works to address the needs of the whole child and not just the academic portion of that child’s life.

Opinion Piece: We Need To Talk About Emotions in Classrooms.

By: Kira DeSimone

Culturally Responsive Curriculum: A culturally responsive curriculum aims to ensure that every student is learning regardless of their background. Every student has the ability to learn in a classroom setting that is inclusive and respectful of their identities and background.

Opinion Piece: A New Face of STEM

By: Madi Delaney

Arts Education: A subject that covers the visual arts, dance, theatre, and music. This includes the teaching of creative artistic skills as well as the history of art forms. Traditionally, this subject has been from a Western and white perspective.

Opinion Piece: Arts Education: Beyond the Palette

By: Yuki Mitsuda