School discipline in New York City is shown to have detrimental effects on student learning and career outcomes, especially for students of color. Yet despite stark racial disparities in school discipline, there is precedent for reform of such practices and implementation of restorative solutions to discipline in schools. The opinion pieces below explore the role of race in school discipline and discuss solutions for NYC schools moving forward.

“Centering Race in Addressing Disparities in School Discipline,” by Ansley Carlisle, which analyzes the relationship between implicit bias and school discipline, examining how racial bias training should be re-imagined to minimize racial disparities within discipline.

“Suspension as a Problem, Not a Solution,” by Gabby Obregon, which explores the practice of suspension within New York City schools and how it disproportionately harms black students rather than rectify their behavior.

Restoring Students’ Right to Learn: An Alternative to School Discipline,” by Rose Reiken, which discusses the harm of school suspensions and the promise of Restorative Justice for New York City schools.