Additional Resources

To learn more about the specialized high schools in New York City and their complicated relationship with racial and ethnic diversity, here are the resources we found the most helpful.

“Here’s how New York City divvies up school funding — and why critics say that the system is flawed” (Chalkbeat, 2018)

“I’ve spent years studying the link between SHSAT scores and student success. The test doesn’t tell as much as you think.” by Jon Taylor (Chalkbeat, 2018)

“Mayor Bill de Blasio: Our specialized schools have a diversity problem. Let’s fix it.” (Chalkbeat, 2018)

“New York City released its study of the SHSAT. Here’s why it won’t end the admissions debate.” (Chalkbeat, 2018)

“NYC’s high school wars: Helicopter parenting hits a new peak” (Salon, 2017)

“Only 7 Black Students Got Into Stuyvesant, N.Y.’s Most Selective High School, out of 895 Spots” (New York Times, 2019)

“Pathways to an Elite Education: Exploring Strategies to Diversify NYC’s Specialized High Schools” (NYU Steinhardt, 2015)

“Specialized High Schools” (NYC Department of Education)

“The Cutthroat World of Elite Public Schools” (The Atlantic, 2014)

“Where specialized high school students come from (and where they don’t” (Chalkbeat, 2018)